What happens when you take an internet sensation and set him loose at Streetfest with the keys to your Vine account? Some pretty hilarious/awesome/adorable videos, including one with the All American Rejects! We handed over our Vine account this weekend to El Paso's own Vine star Vincent Marcus, who has more than 2 MILLION followers on the video sharing app.

Vincent is known for his impressions, beatboxing and comedy skills. And known he is. We walked around Streetfest with him this weekend and couldn't believe how many people stopped to take photos with him, including this adorable little girl who cried like she met One Direction when she saw Vincent:

Vincent Marcus Streetfest

While Vincent captured tons of great Streetfest moments, the highlight came when he filmed one with The All American Rejects. It turns out lead singer Tyson Ritter was already familiar with Vincent's Vines and was eager to get in on the fun. Check out all of the Streetfest Vines compiled into one video below and see how Tyson took to Vincent's impression of him:

You can check out more of Vincent on: Vine | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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