There is nothing more beautiful than a Christmas tree. Lights twinkling, ornaments shining, presents wrapped under the tree. But those beautiful trees can be a fire hazard and burn down your home faster than you can imagine. A National Fire Protection Association report said more than 200 home structure fires are caused by Christmas trees, more than 2,600 people are injured by those fires, and over $930 million in damage is done.

To keep your home and family safe, remember these safety tips:

1. Never put a tree close to a heater, heating vent, or fireplace - Your tree can dry out near a heater or vent and become a fire hazard, and a fireplace is just an accident waiting to happen with embers that can catch the tree on fire. Make sure that there are no candles burning near your tree, as well.

2. Remember to water your tree daily - If there is still water in the tree stand, you're good, but if the stand is dry, add more water. The tree will continue to soak up water and help keep the branches from drying out.

3. Check your lights - Frayed cords or overloaded sockets and extension cords can spark and set your tree on fire. Make sure you don't overload your electrical sockets or extension cords, and that all your tree lights have unfrayed cords.

4. Turn your tree off - Don't leave your tree lights on when you're not home or have gone to bed. An unattended, lit tree can be dangerous because you might not know with enough time if it catches fire.

5. Dispose of your tree properly - Just because your tree is out of the house doesn't mean you're out of danger. A dried up tree in your yard could catch fire just as easily as it could in your house. Take your tree to a City recycling center, or call to have it picked up to dispose of it quickly and properly.

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