A $5 bill can get you out of some jams or even satisfy your sweet tooth – find out why you should always carry one with you.

If you are like most people you don’t use cash anymore, try asking your co-worker for a dollar to hit up the vending machine and chances are they don’t carry any cash either.

While we live in tech-driven world having a few dollars on hand can help you out more than you may think.


Payday is days away and you are down to your last few dollars on your credit card or debit card and you need to pump gas so you can still get around even though you’re broke. A five dollar bill can get you a couple of gallons of gas and buys you enough time to fill up once you get your paycheck.


Maybe a friend invited you to lunch and while you are not footing the bill you could certainly leave a tip by whipping out your $5 bill and you don’t have to worry about using your card. Besides that’s how awesome friendships work.


You’re at work and a late afternoon craving pops up and you just have to have those Nutter Butter cookies, break out with your cash and snack away with no delay.

Surprise Purchases

I’m always on the go with an event or some gathering and in all the running around I may forget my makeup bag and I’ll be in desperate need of a cheapy lip-liner, mascara or lip balm and I can quickly run into the store and pay with my nifty $5 bill and not have to worry about the credit card machine being down and I can get in and out in a snap.


Mostly I use my $5 bill on purchases such as my daily go-to Polar Pop at my neighborhood Circle K which is only $.79 (plus tax) or an ice-cream cone through any fast food chain for less than $2 and still have change that you can gift to a homeless person or you can save your change and keep it in your car for later use for feeding those pesky parking meters in downtown El Paso.

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