MIKE’S BLAH BLAH BLOG: Which fast food restaurant makes the best burger in America? Zagat has released its annual fast food survey and the winner according to the over 6000 people they polled is … Five Guys' cheese and bacon burger!

The poll results are on a national level so I want to know who makes the Best Burgers in our own backyard. Is it Roscoe Burger? Whataburger? Or is there a Hidden El Paso Gem more of us need to know about? Hit me up with your comments, including why you feel the burgers are the best, in the comment section below, or follow this link to our Facebook page and let me know there.

I’ll sift through your replies and post a follow up Best Burgers in El Paso blog that we can use as a reference to eat our way across the city! Deal? Ok, then, where the best burgers in El Paso at?