The greatest burger in El Paso is at Rosco's, according to Texas Monthly magazine.

The magazine's July 2016 issue is dedicated to the 50 greatest burgers in the state, and per the mag's team of "fearless, bordering on fanatical, eaters" only one El Paso burger is worthy: the "basic burger" at Rosco's Burger Inn at 3829 Tompkins.

Texas Monthly

Here's what Texas Monthly says about the burger from the "neighborhood gem":

Simplicity prevails in this diner-style place. The options are limited—cheese or no cheese, single or double—but when the beef tastes this good, who needs fancy toppings? The meat is ground fresh daily and mixed with raw onions before being hand-formed into patties that are then cooked on a flat top right in front of you. The finishing touches are a buttery grilled bun, shredded iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes, chopped onions, and a smear of mustard."

The El Paso institution has been grilling their burgers out of a converted house in Central El Paso for nearly 60 years.

Its cash only, they don't allow substitutions, and seating is very limited, but there’s a reason why it wins “Best Of” accolades time after time. To put it simply, the burgers are freakin' awesome.

If you're new to El Paso or for some inexplicable reason you've never had one of their juicy, greasy burgers with the onions grilled into the patty, put a visit at the top of your to-do list immediately.

Oh, and be sure you pour some of their homemade green salsa on it before every bite. That's some good eatin' right there, my friend.