Now with summer around the corner and the holidays out of sight, time to "try" and eat right! Key word is try. With these foods you can't go wrong!

5. Oatmeal- This fab food will always curb your appetite and it so filling, plus when you have it for breakfast, it help you stay full longer, boosts the morning metabolism and helps to regulate your blood sugar!

4. Blueberries- Not only are these suckers a great source of antioxidants, but they alsop help diminish belly fat!

3. Almonds- Almonds contain MUFAS (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) these help BURN belly fat!

Salmon- This yummy lunch or dinner selection contains high Omega-3s and reduces bloat and inflammation in the body and helps regulate your horomornes including those that help burn fat.

1. Lettuce- Not only is it packed with vitamins and minerals, it has a high level of fiber to help regulate the body!



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