Over the Christmas holidays I like to do some spring cleaning. Yeah, it's not spring yet, but having a couple of weeks off gives you lots of time to go through stuff and get rid of what has been cluttering your house and life. Every year, I do some deep cleaning of things around me. Maybe my list will help you do some Christmas vacation spring cleaning as well:

1. Emails - This is the easiest and toughest thing to clean up. We all have tons of emails that we let build up all year long until it threatens to crash down on us digitally. For the first couple of mornings of my Christmas vacation, I hang out for an hour or so with a couple of cups of coffee and just go through my emails one by one. Sometimes I even search by events or people and clean them out that way. Whatever works for you, I recommend doing this. It makes getting back to work after the new year that much easier.

2. Christmas decorations - A few years ago I realized that I had a box of Christmas decorations that I never put out. They got taken out of the box but put right back in. They were taking up a lot of room and never got seen. I donated them to a shelter and they were so happy to get them. Call first before you drop anything off to make sure they want the decorations.

3. Clothing and toys - Everyone gets new stuff for Christmas. If you or your kids got so much stuff that you don't know what to do with the old stuff, donate it. Pick out an old item and replace it with something you got from Santa. Call a woman's shelter or the Rescue Mission to see if they can use them.

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