It's all fun and games until...well, you know.

I remember three years ago on April Fool's 2013, I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook of me getting a tattoo right on my cheek underneath my eye. The only people in on the prank were myself and my tattoo artist at the time. After I posted the pic, I got several text messages and phone calls on why I would do that to myself and how on earth I would find employment now. It was a hoot.

Then, there are those pranks that go just a bit overboard like a couple years back when two UTEP students called in a bomb threat that send us all out of our classes and into our cars to get on home for the day. Although it was fake it wasn't very funny to the authorities as well as to those students and staff who were terrified.

So with that being said, hopefully you never take your pranks today too far! Just look at what these people did in the video below.

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