A father and daughter have a bond like no other, but can it be broken by a prank?

Let's look at the prank that could possibly ruin a family relationship. If you haven't heard of the highly anticipated horror movie, "IT" then go ahead and watch this trailer.

Now that we are all caught up, the prank involves a father who decided to dress up as little Georgie. Georgie is the little boy who first meets "IT" in the movie. He then shows up throughout the movie in his little adorable rain coat and sometimes enjoys holding a red ballon. Since we all float, am I right?

Some parents encourage their kids to watch horror movies to build confidence but this parent seems to encourage it for his own enjoyment. This unlikely father-of-the-year waited patiently for his daughter to return from watching "IT" then scared the soul out of her, just by standing still.

Make sure to not have your speaker or headphones too loud, because this girl's scream could make "IT's" head explode.

The world is going to have to wait to see if this young lady will forever have Daddy issues, but I can't wait to see if she is going to get him back.

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