According to beloved El Paso social media account The Real Fit Fam El Paso, someone keeps dumping soap into the fountains in our local malls.

As described in The Real Fit Fam video, someone has already pranked the Fountains of Farah with this soap prank. I couldn't find a video for that one but there is one for the Cielo Vista Mall prank. This can be seen as a funny prank to many but no one is laughing at the thought of the poor janitor who had to clean up the mess.

Don't start with the "that is his job" comments because that is pretty obvious. The problem is we don't know if any damage can come from the soap in the fountain, which would then cause the mall to have to repair and that hurts business.

As El Pasoans we need to support our businesses instead of trying to get the perfect prank video. If you know someone who is creating these pranks, please tell them to stop. As one Instagram comment said, "We need more chanclas to the naglas."

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