Being sick is no fun especially when you get the dreaded flu. Here are a few post sickness things you should de-germ to avoid re-contamination.

Mobile Phones

Being sick means missing work and that means lots of communication via your phone. If you have a phone cover, take it apart and clean it thoroughly. Coughing and sneezing on the phone would surely have had germs creep into the crevices of your phone.

Remote Controls

Being sick means staying in bed and sometimes that means turning on the T.V. even if it is for background noise. Make sure you take a disinfecting wipe to all your remote controls.


This is probably one of the main places you could pick up the most germs. Make sure to clean everything from your sink and toilet separately. Don’t use the same wipes and make sure to clean the light switches as well.


Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you weren’t brushing your teeth. So throw out that germ infested toothbrush and break out with a new one. Besides, you should be replacing your toothbrush every 3 months so it may be time to replace it anyways.

Kitchen / Tables / Sofas

If you had the flu then you were probably roaming around the kitchen for some soup and liquids and or laying on the family couch for a moment or two. Lysol everything down and wipe all counters and tables with disinfectant to avoid spreading germs.


At work and at home make sure to wipe down all tablets, keyboards or screens, mouse and your desk with disinfectant and this also includes your work phone.

Bed Sheets / Towels / Sick Clothes

If you had the flu you probably sweated up a storm in bed and in your pj’s, so make sure you wash them at high-temperatures to get rid of all those nasty germs.


Ladies if you were sick and you were using your favorite lip gloss, eyeliner, or mascara you may have to throw them out. Make sure to clean all your brushes to avoid bacteria and re-infection.

Contact Lenses

Whenever sick don’t wear your contacts because you could pose a risk for pink eye. Avoid your contacts and wear your glasses. (Make sure you clean your glasses too)


Don’t forget to either wipe down or spray disinfectant on all your door knobs at home and at the office. Also, if you have a work mug or water bottle, make sure to wash them out before reusing. Plus, don't forget your vehicles steering wheel, car/house keys.

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