As much as we love our mild winters, we’re not the only ones that welcome them – the weeds love it too.

And thanks to the low number of really cold days this winter, those pesky undesirables never really went into hibernation. Therefore, the city wants you to make sure you didn’t let your yard get overrun by them.

Failure to keep it as tidy as the city ordinance requires could result in a citation.

City code says grass and weeds are not allowed to be taller than one foot, although I’ve been told in the past Code Compliance officers don’t just look at the height; they're look at how widespread those weeds are too.

A violation is considered a public nuisance, so if you fail to control the overgrowth and one of your neighbors complains, or the compliance guys driving around take notice, you’ll either be warned, cited, or both.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you don’t comply after that, the city will be happy to send a crew over to clean it up then send you the bill.

So get to pulling, spraying, and whacking those weeds. Unkempt yards and overgrown weeds are one of the most common violations the city gets calls about.

That being said, to rat out one of your neighbors call 311 or Code Compliance at (915) 212-0134.

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