Beginning Tuesday, March 31, the city’s recycling collection will shift to every other week because, according to data collected by the environmental department, the majority of El Pasoans do not put their blue bin out every week.

After 93.1 KISS-FM published a story outlining the city’s plan to modify the curbside recycling program, listeners immediately took to our social media to voice their concerns.

The most common comments/ concerns/ complaints were (1.) what to do with excess recyclables if the blue bin is filled to the top weekly, (2.) can I get a second blue bin, and (3.) will the decrease in service result in lower bills.

One of the local news stations asked Ellen Smyth, director of the City of El Paso's environmental services department, to address those concerns.

For those whose blue bins are filled to the top every week and don’t want to or can’t store the excess plastics and cardboard until the following week, Smyth's suggestion was to ask a neighbor or neighbors if you could use their bin. Another option, she said, was to haul the leftover recyclables yourself to your nearest Citizen Collection Station.

Smyth added that, no, the city will not be providing anyone with a second blue bin. And as far as homeowners seeing their monthly solid waste bill go down, that’s not going to happen either.

In other words, guys, sorry not sorry.

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