If you've never been to Wyler Tramway, you are really missing out on something. You can go up into the desert air and watch as the mountain changes under you as you ride a gondola up the side of Ranger Peak. The whole trip is a lot of fun, because even just getting to the base of the Tramway is a lot of fun. The Tramway parking area is pretty high up at 4,692 feet, and before you even take off up the mountain, you can get a great look to the eastern part of the city. There is also a wonderful cactus garden that you can Instagram while you wait for your tramway gondola.

The Tramway gondolas are made in Switzerland so you know they are the real deal. Those Swiss love them the tramways. The last time Darren and I rode the Tramway, we took his parents and there were four other people with us, and they are very roomy. You'll see wildlife, reptiles, birds and insects, and the social media opportunities are endless. It's a 4 minute that will blow your mind.

Unfortunately, the Wyler Tramway is undergoing some repairs, so it will be closed until July 14. Yeah, I know, I got you all hyped up to go and then told you it will be closed for a couple of weeks. That's called burying the lead, and I had to because I really want you to go, and if I told you right off the bat that it was going to be closed for a while, you wouldn't read the rest of the blog!

Check out their Facebook page for updates. They are very good at updating when they are open or closed for repairs and the weather. You can also check out their website for fun events coming up.

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