If there is one thing I hate hearing from people who either live here or from people who have moved here and know nothing about our city it's, "This place is so ugly." People think that just because we aren't super green with a river flowing through the center of our city like Austin that there is no beauty to our surroundings. This video that I found the other day totally blows that nonsense out of the water. We have been holed up for over a year because of COVID that we've forgotten how beautiful our city is. Check out this video to remind yourself:

The guy who did the video takes you one a tour of the Franklin mountains, the UTEP campus, the downtown area with the then-just built Southwest University ballpark. He does a flyover of the El Paso Zoo and the missions down the valley, and the flyover of motorcyclists on Transmountain and the McKelligan Amphitheater are really spectacular when seen from the drone angle.

The aerial shots of the Star on the Mountain are breaktaking and the flybys of a couple of local high schools are super cool as well. You could actually use this video as a tourist guide of things to see in El Paso but make sure you pick an amazingly bright clear day like the videographer did so you can really appreciate all the colors of our El Paso desert landscape. After seeing this video you can never say that El Paso isn't a beautiful place to live.

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