Another long-time west side fast food restaurant is no longer. The Wienerschnitzel at 2222 N. Mesa near UTEP is now a Hamburger Stand.

But unlike Charcoaler, which recently announced it would cease operating at the end of January, Wienerschnitzel is basically going through a name change.

Not only does the signature A-frame look remain, but the new Hamburger Stand will continue to feature menu items from Wienerschnitzel as well as Tastee-Freez, its other sister company.

Over the last few years, the company has been replacing poorly performing Wienerschnitzel locations with Hamburger Stand locations in an effort to boost sagging sales.

The Hamburger Stand, known for its low cost hamburgers, is now the fourth hamburger franchise near the UTEP area catering to budget-conscious college students who typically look for cheap eats.

Whataburger, Johnny Rockets, and McDonalds all have a location within a block in either direction.

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