No, he isn't a little businessman.

He is a butt.

I adopted my kitten Papa Emeritus during the COVID-19 quarantine. He was found in the streets being a little cat gangsta, by my boss.

You can take the cat out the streets but you can't take the streets out the cat.

He is still about 7 months and crazy but keeps me company while I work from home. Recently, TikTok users began to spread this theory that cats sit on laptops because they are mimicking their owners.

I decided to get in on the TikTok trend because my cat already sits on my computer all the time, but why do cats decide to take over our computers?

Many people have their thoughts but I took to to find the truth. Which, if you ever need some fact-checking, Snopes is a great website to save.

Now back to cats. According to Snopes, there is not enough research to prove cats mirror our behavior. They could be sitting on our laptops for attention or because it is a warm, cozy spot.

Sadly, my cat doesn't want to grow up and be like me. He does want my attention and will do whatever annoying thing he can do to get it. Snopes does share info on how cats are actually pretty loving, but every cat is an individual.

For now, we can just keep this adorable TikTok going because what else are we going to do in this pandemic? Cat videos are keeping us sane in 2020.

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