Whoa. An ill-advised pic of Justin Bieber made it to the Twitterverse and has caused a storm of criticism to rain down on the singer. The Biebs posed with girlfriend Selena Gomez and the father of an actor while on the set of her film ‘Feed the Dog,’ pointing a prop gun at the dad, who is between he and Gomez. Given the recent rash of shootings, namely in Colorado, Wisconsin and New York City this summer, the Biebs posing with a gun is a reaaaaalllllyyy baaaaaaad choice.

What’s most disturbing about the photo is how the Biebs is narrowing his eyes and emitting an ominous and scary stare. He looks like someone who might brandish a gun. It’s not the face and the infectious smile of our typical, cute, approachable Biebs. Was he giving off that dirty look to go along with the prop in his band?

For her part, Gomez is smiling, since that’s what most celebs do in photo opps. Perhaps she was unaware of her BF’s pose and prop. It’s doubtful she is smiling because of what he is doing.

According to E!, the photos were posted via a Twitter account with the @HechosSMGOmez handle and that’s when Biebs started receiving criticisms.

We’re not sure why Biebs chose to pose this way, but we have to admit it’s not a good idea. But then again, he’s 18 and maybe he just wasn’t thinking. Everyone, even famous teen idols in the public eye, makes mistakes.

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