Privacy seems to be an antiquated notion, especially when it comes to our personal lives.

Not only are more and more people splashing details on social media sites for all the world to see, but lots of us have become increasingly nosy about what our romantic partners are doing, too.

More than a third of the over 2,000 adults surveyed by said they have no compunctions about snooping through a partner’s emails, text message and voicemails if they suspect that person is up to no good.

But it’s not surprising there’s a bit of a generation gap in those answers — while only a quarter of those over 55 approved of violating someone’s electronic privacy, 36 percent of respondents between 18 and 34 did (maybe because they’re not used to having much privacy themselves).

And if they find something incriminating? Less than half of the entire group said they could forgive cheating, but men were more willing to do so than women.

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