Now that we are gearing towards another anticipated season of American Idol, who will the judges be? Mariah, Nicki but NO Randy Jackson?! Say it ain't so!

Earlier this morning some "breaking news" surfaced about Randy Jackson stepping down from the American Idol judging seat and instead becoming a mentor on the show. Isn't that almost the same thing?

With all these judging mix ups I don't know who we will see when the season starts. Mariah Carey (I love her to death)...she is throwing a fit because she was initially told she would be the only female judge and then comes along Nicki Minaj. I think I'd be more upset that they would choose someone to judge a singing competion who can't sing herself.

And now with Justin Bieber making a mentor appearance on The X-Factor, I think American Idol needs to amp it up to get back in the rating game.

The Voice is making a name for itself and is more entertaining than the other two in my opinion. Will this be the last season of a dying breed?

We shall see....on the next season of....American Idol. DUN DUN DUN!

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