Celebrate National Spaghetti Day at these five top-rated restaurants in El Paso, according to YELP.

 “On top of spaghetti,

All covered with cheese,

I lost my poor meatball,

When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,

And on to the floor,

And then my poor meatball,

Rolled out of the door.”

In honor of National Spaghetti Day tomorrow, Monday, January 4, I thought I’d share the best places to score a heaping bowl of “spaghetti, all covered with cheese.”

There are quite a few places that serve up amazing spaghetti dishes in the Sun City, but only a few offer a unique local flavor.

The Italian Kitchen and Como's Italian Kitchen are a couple of my favorite places to order spaghetti. Both of these local restaurants offer a variety of spaghetti dishes featuring local flavors.

Two distinct spaghetti dishes include the Chile Con Carne with Cheese Spaghetti from The Italian Kitchen and The Mexican Spaghetti from Como’s Italian Kitchen, which is made with jalapeños, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and tomato sauce.

Hungry yet?

This year for National Spaghetti Day, celebrate by supporting local businesses when ordering your favorite spaghetti dish.

Don’t know who to hit up? Check out the top 5 rated restaurants serving up mouthwatering spaghetti in El Paso, according to YELP.


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