There is something that happened over time that I was unaware of that really makes a difference. Now, this doesn't only make a difference for me but for your vehicle as well.

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Now that I probably caught your attention something major happened that I have been in the dark about. So if I was in the dark, then I figured maybe some of you who aren't in a certain area would be too.

You may remember in 2018 I wanted your opinion about which road needed serious repairs and no surprise, Viscount Blvd. won that poll. Then another time I had asked which road you would like repaired between N. Mesa St. and Viscount Blvd. in 2019.

The majority of the vote obviously went to Viscount Blvd. by 42% of your votes. But recently 84% of voters feel as if they're off-roading anywhere they go in El Paso.

El Paso should feel proud that at least one road that TONS of locals complained about has been fixed. Clearly, it has been a while since I have been on Viscount Blvd. but was told the road is no longer a bumpy ride and is now smooth.

After hearing about it from someone who shared the same frustration as me about Viscount Blvd. I had to see it for myself. If you remember driving down Viscount Blvd. and right before turning right on Hawkins Blvd. it was bumpy as hell.

My son and daughter always enjoyed it when we had to take that route simply for the off-roading vibes. Unfortunately, now, they're definitely going to feel the difference.

But I want to say it wasn't that long ago I remember that route being a bumpy ride. We know there are still tons more roads that need repairs done stat.

But which road should be next on the waiting list that you would say is in dire need of repairs in El Paso? So there is hope for El Paso drivers who hate off-roading on the streets and wish for a smoother ride. After you cruise through to see for yourself, you will feel like the scene in Cars after Lightning McQueen repaired the road.

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