Spring forward, fall back. Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner again. This time, instead of getting an extra hour to sleep, you'll lose an hour at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 12. When we spring forward, we lose an hour of sleep so we can get a ton of daylight until later in the evening.

Daylight Saving Time doesn't seem to make much sense to us nowadays. It was first implemented in Canada in 1908. A lot of people think that Daylight Saving Time was put in place for farmers. In reality, farmers didn't want Daylight Saving Time because it messed up their work day. The real story is that the retail industry wanted it implemented to give people more time to shop during daylight hours.

Not everyone follows Daylight Saving time in the United States. Arizona and Hawaii do not spring forward or fall back. It would sure be easier if everyone followed their lead and did away with this silly system, if only to ensure that my electronics don't blink 12:00 for weeks after we switch.

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