If you drive on the city's east side near Eastwood High School, be prepared for some longterm traffic headaches.

Beginning Monday, Eastwood High School will start preparing for construction that is part of the massive bond that voters in YISD approved last year. The McRae and Montwood Drive areas will be most affected because parking lots will be closed to accommodate portable classrooms. Eastwood High officials say 127 faculty parking spots behind the school's stadium will not be accessible during construction. 69 portables will be set up around the campus, 14 of which will be put on the baseball field. A large number of students will be moved to other campuses during the construction.

There will be some parking relief in the form of churches near the school. Eastwood officials say they have made arrangements to allow parking in their lots during the construction. Security will help with traffic control.

I'm an eastsider, and I can tell you, stay away from the area. Traffic around Eastwood during school hours is already a challenge, but with construction, it will be a nightmare. Be patient because this construction could last a couple of years.

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