Hot Cheetos are delicious. This is true, depending on who you ask. The problem is Hot Cheetos are being used to add flavor to just about everything. From ice cream, elote (corn) to just straight up covered in cheese & beans. Now, cookies coated in Hot Cheetos have emerged on social media.

I have heartburn just looking at them.

In the El Paso area, Hot Cheetos are the go-to junk food. You will find them on hot dogs, wings and again, elote. I bet we are only a few weeks away before some local baker will use Hot Cheetos in a weird dessert that El Pasoans will enjoy and then have to run to the bathroom, or take a ton of antacids.

Trust me, I understand the deliciousness of a fresh bag of Hot Cheetos, but some kids should not be eating a bag a day. Adults, you shouldn't either, but I have seen a few swallow a bag for lunch. Think about your tummy before you start adding Hot Cheetos to everything. Thank you for reading my TedTalk.

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