A lawyer who six years ago said that all veterans are taking money from people's paychecks even though they could be working and wondered "how much more free (expletive) do you people want," is in the news again. Mark T. Davis caught a lot of grief because of his stupid comments about veterans and was on Mike and Tricia Mornings trying to defend himself. It was a load of nonsense because he tried to spin his jerk comments about veterans by saying he was only trying to bring up disability fraud. Here's his post about veterans:


Whatever, dude. I'm wondering how long it took him to recover from his spin attempt. You can read all about the controversy by clicking here and listen to him try to cover his behind on our show in this clip:

Fast forward to Davis clawing his way back into the spotlight by hiring the Zoo Foo who ignored signs and the rules of the El Paso Zoo and climbed into the spider monkey enclosure to feed them, allegedly, Hot Cheetos. The woman who did that was fired from her job with the Lovett Law Firm and was hired today by Davis' law firm. He posted a ridiculous argument about - yawn and eyeroll emojis - cancel culture being the reason why she lost her job. Apparently her stunning inability to not obey the rules and do the right thing by not climbing into the enclosure had nothing to do with her being let go from her job. The Davis Spin was in full effect when he accused her former employers for 'ax-murdering' her on social media and " trying to starve the human child, Lucy's child" when they fired her.

Wow. That's quite an accusation, Mr. Davis. Do you engage in that level of hyperbolic histrionics in court? You must put on quite the show. Here's his full rant against "virtue signaling in social media":

I found it kind of funny for Davis to be chastising everyone who, unlike he and the Zoo Foo, learned how to follow the rules in kindergarten. I was scrolling down his Facebook page when I found an interesting entry. It talked all about personal responsibility and urged people to "Be someone to be proud of. Be an example to your children. Let's start today. Let's do the right thing, all the time, every day. Even when no one is looking. Join me!!" Funny how none of those things seem to apply to his new hire who isn't a good example to her children, does things that no one is proud of, and doesn't do the right thing especially when everyone is looking. Considering how he says that his new hire was just having a little fun, the last 5 sentences in his breathtakingly brainless Facebook rant ring a little hollow:

Oddly, Davis is apparently a huge fan of Mike and Tricia Mornings because he even invoked our names in another Facebook rant about a question we asked after Mother's Day. He didn't appreciate me taking the side of our listener who was not happy that her husband treated his mom to a better Mother's Day that he did for her. He said I should "grow up".

Oh Mr. Davis, I might be immature but at least I don't change my opinion depending on which way the breeze is blowing off the spider monkey enclosure. I also don't jump onto social media to proclaim myself a combatant against cancel culture in order to get loads of free publicity on social media. You accused the Lovett Law Firm of ax-murdering your new hire on social media, but admit it, you sir are using her for your own purposes, otherwise, why post about it at all? Now run along and go enjoy some Hot Cheetos with your new hire.

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