Recently I've been seeing Facebook posts about people showing up to houses all over town late in the evening wearing lanyards with laminated cards that identify them as members of some utility and asking homeowners to either go into their home to check on a problem with their utilities, or asking to go into their backyards to do the same thing.

If you have someone at your door claiming to be a utility worker and you are worried that it might be a scam or, worse yet, someone trying to get into your house to steal stuff, you can call the utility to make sure they have sent someone out. Don't open the door but ask the person for their badge number and name. Tell them you are going to call and verify that they are from the utility. If they are real, they won't have any problem giving you that info. If they are scammers, they'll probably take off.

Here are some numbers you should print out and put on your refrigerator:

El Paso Electric:
To report power outages, as well as trouble or emergencies related to electric services, customers can call:

Texas (915) 877-3400
New Mexico (575) 523-7591
El Paso Electric website.

Texas Gas Service:
Emergency Service Only:

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and call 800-959-5325 or 911. Texas Gas Service website.

El Paso Water
For emergencies such as main breaks, water quality or sewer overflows. El Paso Water website.

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