Look we all know that it is hot as you-know-what out there but we live in the desert so you should expect that living in El Paso you will have to deal with a lot of triple-digit days. The question is, now do you deal with those ridiculous temperatures? One thing you could do is go stand by your open refrigerator and let the cool air rush over you but then you'd probably snack on all the goodies in there and have to spend more time at the gym, so that's not a good solution. Another thing you could do is turn on your AC but El Paso Electric says you need to cool it (see what I did there) on running your AC all day and all night.

In the rest of Texas, customers of ERCOT, an electric company consortium, are being told to turn their thermostats to 82 during the day and 85 at night to conserve electricity and reduce the strain on the consortium's grid. A lot of people are reporting that the smart thermostat they got from ERCOT is now being controlled remotely by ERCOT and won't allow them to set their AC to a more comfortable temperature and they're not happy about it. El Paso Electric isn't doing that but they are warning about stress on the grid during the crazy triple-digit heat we've had. Stress on the grid could lead to rolling blackouts and power outages so what can you do to prevent that?

Angry woman boring during a blackout in the night

El Paso Electric says you can raise the temperature of your thermostat to 85 when you leave the house or if you're going to leave for longer than four hours, you might turn your AC off altogether. EPE officials say it might take a little longer to cool down your house but it will save you money on your electric bill and reduce the strain on our electrical grid. I know it doesn't sound like much fun to walk into a hot house but if it means helping to avoid blackouts, I'm all for it.

If you would like to find out more about conserving energy during the summer months, you can check out their website by clicking here. El Paso doesn't usually cool down until around October or November so unless you want to sit in a hot, dark house, help out by conserving electricty.

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