A couple of months ago at my dad's office on Montana we had rust-colored water coming out of the kitchen faucet which is something you never want to see happening. Before we made a call to our plumber to come out and paying a big bill we called El Paso Water. The lovely folks told us to run the cold water for five minutes to clear the line because there had been construction in the area and it might have stirred up some stuff in the pipes. We did that and it did clear. Doing that one thing saved us from an unnecessary plumber's bill.

The thing about El Paso plumbing is a lot of it is very old. The part of Montana that my dad's office is in has homes that are over a century old. That is some old infrastructure. El Paso Water spoke recently to a local news station and said that a variety of factors could cause problems with your water and make it turn rust-colored. Sediment and minerals from river water, construction, or even the El Paso Fire Department flushing their lines could case discolored water.

flood in the bathroom, the water over the edge

If you have a problem with discolored water, do what we did. Run the cold, not hot, water for five minutes in one faucet in your home. If that doesn't clear the problem, wait a couple of hours and do it again. If that doesn't remedy the problem, call El Paso Water at 915-594-5733. Chances are it is just sediment or minerals which they say aren't dangerous, but just to be safe, give them a call.

If you want more information about your home's water quality or anything relating to your water services, you can check out El Paso Water's website by clicking here. It's a good idea to have their number on hand so in case you ever have a water emergency you can easily contact them instead of having to deal with the emergency while desperately Googling their information.

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