When you open up your May El Paso Electric bill you might notice that it is a little higher than usual, about six bucks higher than usual. That's because the utility company is charging you for fuel they use. Yes, that's right. They are allowed to recover fuel costs from customers (that would be you) and this time around it's going to cost you $5.80 on average a month. I'm not sure why we have to pay for what I consider a cost of doing business but there you have it. It would be like you charging your boss for the gas you use going to and from work.

The El Paso Electric Company says that they could have charged us a fuel recovery cost at the end of last year but they decided not to because they knew how badly the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted everyone financially. But apparently things are so much better now that they feel they can charge us a fuel recovery cost. El Paso Electric officials did say that they were only doing a percentage of fuel recovery because if they did the full amount the fuel surcharge would raise our bill by about ten dollars.

A woman looking at her mail (letter or bills) in disbelief, shock!

I get that things cost money but for customers to be paying for the product that the utility is providing and then separately for things that normally would be considered a cost of business that is probably already built into the cost of the product anyway seems a little double dippy to me.

And please don't tell me that you are saving me from being charged the whole amount of a surcharge. You know El Paso Electric will be doing the same thing that other utilities do - they'll hit us with fees and surcharges every chance they get and they will never say, ok, here's the other half of the one we charged you just six months ago. It's always the same song and dance, we're charging you half right now but the other half never seems to make up a whole.

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