The Back to School Expo heads to Cielo Vista Mall Saturday, August 18th, Mike and Tricia's 16th Annual Stuff The Bus school supply drive kicks off Monday, August 20th, and our KISS FM Back To School frenzy ends with That '80s Party Friday, August 24th!  As parents, we're not the students anymore, but one dad says we still go right back to our high school days of jocks, nerds, and other assorted high school cliches!

Andrew Kardon is a self-professed "daddy blogger", who says there are six types of moms at your kid's school, and they sound suspiciously like the people we all went to high school with!

1.  Bully Moms - These are the moms who take over PTA meetings by standing up and yelling.  They're also the ones who know you have an opinion, but has no problem telling you how wrong it is.  Don't tell her  her's is wrong, however.  Unless you want her to boil a bunny on your stove.
2.  Sports Moms - They don't have time for regular joe mom's like you because they're all
booked up with driving their kids to baseball, soccer, swimming and every other kind of sports practice.  Her kids are either going to be Olympians or they're going to end up being that guy who grunts too loudly at the gym when he lifts weights.  Feel the burn!
3.  Cool Moms - You're probably one of these!  They're the grown up version all the cool girls you ever knew and admired from high school, and now they want to hang out with you!  She's the mom who looks like the cover of Mom You Wish You Looked Like magazine - and always tells you where she got the best sales.  She's the mom who invites everyone over to her house for margaritas and has craft projects to keep the beasties happy.  She'll be your friend for life.
4.  Wannabe Moms - They wanna be the Cool Moms, but they're the social climbers of the Mom set.  Unless you're a Cool Mom, they don't have much time for you.  She's the mom who always makes sure to tell you she hung out with Cool Mom, but it was just the two of them, because, you know, they're besties.
5.  Loner Moms - They're the ones who never help out in their kid's class and never talk to anyone.  They're scary.  If you're over at her house and she tells you not to go into the refrigerator in her garage, do as she says.  That's where she keeps the severed heads.
6.  Granola Moms - These are the Earth Mama's who only want to talk about how well their middle school child is taking to weening.    You'll have to choke down wheat grass shots when she asks you to her house for drinks, and then listen to her try to convince you of the wisdom of gluten free, fat free, tofu brownies, made with shredded carrots.  They're delish, really.  Yeah.  Stay away from her, too.
So, as you start getting ready to get the beasties Back To School with KISS FM, which Mom are you?