Remember last year when people in Juárez were fighting over Costco cakes? That was a weird time! Considering how many pastelerías there are in Juárez, people fighting over Costco cakes is an odd choice, but it's a pandemic and you never know what's going to happen next!

I'm sure many of us who cross over into Juárez have our preference of pastelería to bring back some sweet bread, mine is Pastigel, but I may have just found a new favorite, especially considering now that this place is going to be setting up shop in the Sun City!

Suspiros Pastelería, which has various locations across our sister city, will be making its debut on this side of the border... soon. At least, according to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Supsiros Pastelería via Instagram
Supsiros Pastelería via Instagram

The bakery specializes in cakes, which, look delicious!

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Suspiros, which means sigh in Spanish, first opened up in Hermosillo, Sonora and expanded into what they call "the biggest cake company in Mexico".

If you're like me and wondering why the name is "suspiros", I did a quick search and the story is actually adorable! According to their website, it all started "with the great love that Mrs. Lucía Fonseca de Esparza had for baking. She used to bake a dessert, her husband's favorite which he ate at less than what a Suspiro lasts" (les than a sigh lasts). Get it, kind of implying he just inhaled the desserts! Cute, right?

No word on when we can expect this pastelería to open up, but we'll be here anxiously awaiting the sweets! Here's hoping that these cakes don't cause fights in the parking lot!

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