We know which state drinks the most, now let's see what each one drinks the most of.

I posted an article a while back about which of these 3 states drank the most. (See who the borachos are by clicking here.) That, in turn, led to the question of what, specifically, each state drank the most of.

I love a mystery so, being really bored and a bit of a geek when it comes to weird and useless trivia, I went looking for an answer.

I assumed that beer would be the most popular libation in each state, and I was pretty much right. Which beer is best from state to state though? I was sure it was going to be Bud Light ... or at least another of the "biggies" like Coors, Miller, etc.

Nope. Nationwide, Budweiser won. Regionally, the winners were:

As far as my beloved Coors Light, only Kansas and Nevada agree with me. (Colorado, really? 5th place? WTH??)

Mexico's Tequila Makers May Halt Production
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When it comes to the most popular liquor in each state, not surprisingly, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona all agree on numero uno.

Tequila absolutely rules the liquor cabinet in each of these states.

The most popular brand, overall, was Jose Cuervo.

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