Between those 3 states, here's who gets their "drank" on the most.

There's always a reason to party and/or celebrate something, right? In the desert southwest, we have the perfect weather to party outdoors practically year round and we take full advantage of that.

Who does it the most though? Before we get to that, I can tell you now that none of the 3 mentioned states ... Texas, New Mexico, Arizona ... are too crazy or too tame. We're all kinda scattered around the middle.

The top 10 list of states that drink the most and the least doesn't include the Southwest's big 3. These figures account for beer, wine and ethanol. Click the links below to see the breakdown by type of alcohol.

Wisevoter figured out what the yearly totals for all types of alcohol consumed would break down to per person by state. Here are ours:

Barman's 2009 International Drinks Fair Held In Tel Aviv
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Middle ground, as I said, nationwide. The state that drinks the most is New Hampshire. I guess it's the cold, they put away 59.5 gallons a year per capita.

The state that drinks the least is Utah at 17.7 gallons per capita. Religious views keep them on the low side maybe?

Whatever the reason for the alcoholic intake levels, there's the breakdown for you and now ... just like Goldilocks ... you know where to party "just right".

Just in time for the weekend, you know who goes at it hard, light and moderately.

Enjoy safely.

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