The Guinness Book of World Records listed it as the world's largest from 1983 - 2016.

That's when some bar in the UK beat it buying beer.

Read on to find out why I think this is BS ...

In 1983, country star Merle Haggard performed at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth.

During the show, Merle played a song from his 1982 album, A Taste Of Yesterday’s Wine, about a C. C. Waterback. That's a shot of Canadian Club whiskey with a water chaser.

Personally, I would have written about a Texas based Whiskey and left out the water. My beer makes a perfectly fine chaser.

Trigger Street Productions Presents Jameson First Shot
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Anyway, when Merle played the song, he bought everyone at the bar, all 5,095 of 'em, a C C. Waterback.

The bar used around 40 gallons of whiskey for the round of drinks, and the bar tab for Merle’s massive order came out to $12,737.50 – or $2.50 each. (If he had bought the same round of drinks today it would have cost him over $40k). -

My biggest tab, so far, came in at around $400. Although a night out with members of The Scorpions, their photographer, A & R guy and a few others racked up a $2,500 tab.

Thankfully, the record label picked that one up.

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Anyway, back to merry old England.

When Queen Elizabeth turned 90, a U.K. brewery bought 412 beers at a pub to celebrate which broke Merle's record.

412 beers beat 5,095 shots??  WTH??

Sir Michael Swann
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The answer, it seems, is that the beer order totaled over 42 gallons and Merle’s whiskey order was just under 40 gallons.

I say we go by drink count, not alcohol tonnage. This is totally grounds for another revolution.

Instead of USA vs. UK, this time it's Texas vs. Guinness.

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With apologies to Winston Churchill:

We shall defend Merle's record whatever the cost may be; we shall fight in pubs, bars and sporting events ... beaches, lakes and backyard keggers.

We shall never surrender.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

J/K ... the record now belongs to an Irish rock band.

The band, The Script, bought around 8,000 drinks for the crowd at one their concerts.

That's a little more respectable, I'll accept it.

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