I wouldn't say the answer is that it's easy but it's not exactly "difficult".

The laws in Texas regarding alcohol are many and confusing. In fact, 360training.com, a training firm, called them a "complicated mess". What can you serve, when can you serve it, who can you serve it to, etc. etc.

That's why servers must take an approved training course like the ones 360 offers. On the other side, the customers can also get in trouble if we do something wrong.

Customers don't necessarily get a training course but most laws regrading the buying and consuming of alcohol are fairly well known. There are more than you might realize though, here are a few:

Buying/Selling It:

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Drinking it.


  • Operating ANY motorized vehicle in public, in Texas, can get you in trouble if you're over the legal limit. Whether you're on a "roadway" or not.
  • You know you can't drive drunk but you can't walk drunk either. That could get you a public intoxication charge.
  • Texas gives "public" a pretty wide definition. Criminaldefenselawyer.com says it's "any place that members of the public can access, including bars, restaurants, public streets, and even the common areas of schools, hospitals, office buildings, and apartment buildings".
  • Other things you do, while drunk and in public, can get you a public intox charge like being loud, fighting, etc.

These are just a few things that a surprising number of people don't know. To view ALL the TABC laws, rules and regs, click here.

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