I'm pretty sure it's no surprise that Darren and I go to a lot of El Paso Chihuahua games. I think there are about 347 games each summer and we go to most of them. That means a lot of traveling from our part of town by Cielo Vista Mall to the downtown ballpark. On Friday night, I decided to use the new time-lapse feature on my phone to document the drive.

Ok, so maybe the time-lapse feature isn't new to you, but to a complete technology doof like me, it is new. I've got to admit that even though I've had my iPhone for about a year now, I'm just barely learning how to put text onto photos and how to use all the filters on the camera. Don't judge, I'm just scared that if I do the wrong thing, I'll accidentally enter the nuclear launch codes with my phone, and no one wants that.

iPhones and me. We don't always mix, but sometimes we manage to do a cool video.

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