Some of the best online trends always bring some of the best memories. The current trending meme that you may have seen around social media is captioned "You Had To Be There" if you're unsure what it is- allow me to explain.

According to Know Your Meme, "You Had To Be There" is a caption used for nostalgic posts that usually have one or four pictures without context. The post is meant to imply that the information behind the photos will only be recognizable to those who lived through the same time period.

It's like when you and a friend are reminiscing and laughing about something you both experienced and someone comes up and asks you: "what are you laughing about?" - you simply reply: "you had to be there". Think of it kind of like an inside joke.

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The trend apparently started as early as 2013 on Twitter, where people shared personal photos with the caption. However, last month the trend really took off when people began sharing photos out of context with the caption "You just had to be there".

I wanted to partake in the nostalgia as well. Rather than share my "you had to be there" photos on Twitter, I decided to share them here with you all- fellow El Pasoans who have lived here their whole lives, like me, or for those who have left to pursue their dreams in other cities. The following pictures are just for us, so that when you see them and someone asks "what's that about?" you simply reply: "You just had to be there"

You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition

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