Check out the video of this phenomenal waiter that went out of his way to accommodate a customer’s request.

Earlier this week I had dinner with a few friends out a Kona Grill at The Fountains at Farah to catch up with one another. As our meals came out, one of our friends who had ordered a filet had requested some steak sauce with her meal. Our wonderful waiter named Saeed went to the back to see if they had any on hand but sadly they were all out so he brought her some chimichurri sauce in its place.

Obviously chimichurri sauce is nothing like steak sauce and our friend who has an unnatural addiction to the stuff asked our waiter again very nicely to please see if there was any steak sauce in the building. As we sat there waiting on him we expected our waiter to return with the confirmation that indeed there was no steak sauce available but what he did instead blew us away.

Saeed walked over to Ruth’s Chris and asked to borrow a ramekin of steak sauce and delivered it to our table where our friend was in awe and super elated because she got to enjoy her steak, sauce and all.

Our waiter certainly did not have to go to these great lengths but it was impressive to see that he really gave us his most genuine service and if that meant going over to a neighboring restaurant to accommodate his customer, then that’s what it took.

At the end of the day our friend got her steak sauce and Saeed was tipped handsomely and as far as we are concerned he wins the waiter of the year award. If you happen to visit Kona Grill make sure to ask to sit at Saeed’s section because he will without a doubt give you his upmost superb service.

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