Did you know you can burn about 250 calories an hour from gardening?  Well, you can! (applause lol)

Here's a list from "Reader's Digest" of five more household chores that burn major calories!

#1.)  Cooking. Slaving over a hot stove burns about 150 calories an hour.  But obviously, if you do multiple taste-tests while you're cooking, the extra calories you consume can also add up. And I'm so guilty of this! Dang!

#2.)  Sweeping or Mopping. They both work your upper and lower body, and each of them burn about 240 calories an hour. Luckily I love this chore! Note my sarcasm.

#3.)  Painting. Staining your deck or repainting a room works your arms and legs, and if you do it for an hour straight, you'll burn about 290 calories. Just another reason to paint that blush pink color you love while the hubby is at work!

#4.)  Mowing the Lawn. One hour of mowing burns about 325 calories.  But obviously that's only with a push mower, not a riding mower. Well that's no fun!

#5.)  Shoveling Snow. It's probably the last thing you're thinking about right now.  But once winter hits, and you live somewhere like Michigan and totally far far away from El Paso,  shoveling the white stuff burns about 415 calories an hour.

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