I have a little problem. Actually, it's a really big problem and I don't see it going away any time soon. I'm hopelessly addicted to restock and cleaning videos on TikTok. I love to see people pouring their cleaning products needlessly into separate containers when the original containers are perfectly good. I love watching a kitchen that looks like it was the scene of a 90s rave get cleaned up in fast forward.


The funny thing about these videos is that they all have a few things in common. I don't think I could ever do one of these videos because I don't know how to film in fast forward but also because I only know these four rules of TikTok restock and cleaning videos but I know there are a bunch more.

1. If you keep your cleaning supplies in the original packaging you're doing it wrong - I always thought that when you brought your cleaning supplies from the store you just put them away in your cabinets. Nope. You're supposed to put your laundry detergent into a glass jar that most people use for lemonade and your dryer beads go in a big glass cookie jar.

2. You're supposed to slam your drinks down when you refill your fridge - And your eggs, and your individual packages of snacks, and your soft drinks.

3. If you're the mom you're the only one who cleans up apparently - I have watched a lot of cleaning videos on TikTok and I've never seen a man or a child cleaning up even though the kitchen has clearly been used by the whole family. The mom is always the one cleaning like a tornado while I guess everyone else has gone to bed.

4. Pick a specific plastic container line and only use that one, it's the law - All the restocking videos I've seen feature beautiful containers but never mismatched ones. I could never do a restock video because if I did then the whole world would see my 17 different containers and I don't think I could stand the shame of it all.

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