Shoppers that frequent the Lower Valley Walmart Supercenter at 9441 Alameda will need to shop at a different location between now and early Thursday morning.

The company announced that it would be temporarily closing this location starting on Tuesday afternoon till approximately 7 a.m. Thursday morning in order to allow for a crew to access the building for disinfecting.  This is on top of safety procedures already in place such as temperature checks for employees and the requirement to wear a facemask in order to enter the store.

Based on the above information, I would expect similar short-term closures of other El Paso Walmart locations so be on the lookout for when your location will be disinfected.

This particular closure comes during a streak of six straight days that El Paso has reported over 1,000 positive COVID-19 cases.  While data suggests that a high percentage of coronavirus cases are contracted as a result of visits to retail stores, those numbers are based on retail outlets as a whole and do not indicate that Walmart (the Alameda location or any other) in particular is a hot zone.

If a trip to Walmart for shoppers in that area can’t wait until Thursday morning, there is a Walmart Neighborhood Market located at 8115 N. Loop and another located in Socorro at 10301 Alameda.

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