The biscuits are warm at Cracker Barrel, but the fuzzy feelings you can get are even warmer.

A woman who works at one of the chain’s restaurants in Owensboro, Kentucky recently discovered a long lost photo of her great-great-great grandmother on the wall of the eatery, according to a report from area radio station WBKR.

While sweeping one day, the woman, identified as Sandra, noticed a photo of a young woman and a baby. Thinking the woman looked like her late niece, she snapped a photo of the picture and sent it to her niece’s mother — Sandra’s mother-in-law. A quick search revealed the baby was Sandra’s great-great-great grandmother. In fact, Sandra’s great-grandmother used to keep the picture in her house.

The eerie coincidence comes with a happy ending: Plans have been put into motion to return the photo to Sandra’s family.