So I think we can all agree that tipping can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. I know there are times when I find myself going into panic mode the second any device asks me how much I want to tip and I know that I’m not alone.

From restaurants to taxis to hair salons, here's the lowdown on when, where, and how much to tip, according to people who work in each business mentioned:


1. Restaurants: The Non-Negotiable Rule

Locals who work in the restaurant business suggest tipping between 15-20% for average to excellent service. No excuses, folks – tipping at a restaurant is a must!

2. Dining in a Group: Cash is King!

When you're dining with a large group of people, not all restaurants allow separate checks. If you're part of the tiny group of people who still walk around with cash, make sure to include the tip along with your cash payment.

“And plastic payers, don't tip on the lesser credit card amount – trust us, it's not cool.”


Couple ordering from a waitress in restaurant


3. Bars: Flat Amounts and Cocktails

Local bartenders recommend leaving $1 for a beer and $2 for a cocktail. That’s if you only order one drink the whole night.

But if the service is exceptional or you're munching on bar snacks and ordering more drinks throughout the night, bump it up to a cool 20%.

4. Taxis and Rideshares: Dollar or Two, Please

For cabs, it's 15-20%, equating to a dollar or two. Uber and Lyft? Toss in at least $2 per ride. Trust us; your drivers will appreciate it.


5. Salons: 15% is the Magic Number

According to local hair stylists, at hair and nail salons, the golden rule is a 15% tip.

“Oh, and cash is king here, too. If you're low on bills, ask about money-sharing apps.”

6. Food Delivery: Cold, Hard Cash is King

Most apps let you tip within the app but some delivery drivers prefer cold hard cash as a tip! If not, $3 to $5 per delivery is fair.

“And a little extra on rainy or snowy days is a nice touch."

7. Coffee Shops: Round-Up for the Win

Rounding up to the nearest dollar is a nice gesture at coffee shops.



Here’s what El Pasoans think is a good tipping amount for certain professions: 


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