UPDATE: USA Today reports the original video, which has now been taken down, was only a sketch. CeeLo is, in fact, fine. He explained that the video was actually part of a larger work he's engaged in called Gnarly Davidson. Which could be trouble, considering there's already a band by that name.

Whatever. All is fine. It's just people learning to use the internet, I guess.

ORIGINAL POST: Okay, so before we begin, let's remember that this is the internet. We can show you this video, but there's no way at the moment to confirm how legitimate it is.

This morning, rapper Philly Chase posted this video, which purports to be former The Voice judge CeeLo Green in a recording studio. He answers a call on his phone, it starts smoking, and then very violently explodes while he has it against the side of his face.

Philly tagged Samsung in his Instagram post -- as you may remember, the Korean company recalled the Galaxy Note 7 because batteries were exploding. There is no way to indicate that the phone CeeLo is using here is a Samsung at all.

And while, yes, it certainly looks like it could be CeeLo, there's not even real confirmation of that yet, either.

Still, it sure looks like an exploding phone. The blast knocks CeeLo off his chair and on to the floor, where he appears to be unconscious or at least stunned.

As of this publishing, neither CeeLo nor Samsung have made any statements, so it's hard to be 100% sure if this is real or not. Frankly, the way the video fades out makes it look like a production rather than real camera footage.

So what do you think? Real or fake? Seems shady either way.

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