Budgets are tight these days so if you're looking to stretch your money, check out these things that you should and shouldn't buy in February to help save you money.

DO Buy These Things:

1. Winter Clothing - Winter is still hanging around, but retailers have to get ready to put out their spring clothing. All stuff you need to keep warm will be moved out by the end of February so stock up on things like sweats, sweaters, and mittens. You'll more than likely use those items again next year and you can save big on them in February.

Winter Clothes - Colorful Zip-Up Fleece Jackets

2. Valentine's Day gifts - That heart-shaped box of candy might not be timely after the 14th but it will still be candy and it will be marked way down. Same goes for heart-shaped candles, gift baskets of body products or anything else that can be taken out of the V-Day packaging. No one will ever know that your candy jar at work is filled with Valentine's Day candy unless you tell them.


3. Mattresses - Mattress retailers usually take advantage of three-day weekends to hold sales, that's why you see Memorial Day and Labor Day sales all the time. Grab yourself a new mattress at a discount. 2020 was a tough year and you deserve a good night's sleep.

Couple sleeping in a comfortable bed

4. Televisions - Everyone want a new tv to watch the Super Bowl but after the big game is over, retailers slash prices to move excess inventory. It's also a good idea to ask for open box, or the tv that someone bought and then returned. Those tvs are usually sold at even deeper discounts.

Woman watching television
Catherine Yeulet

DON'T Buy These Things:

1. Spring Clothing - Spring clothing won't be marked down at the beginning of the season. If you find spring or summer clothing on sale, it is likely from the last season. It's a bargain but the new lines won't be on sale.

Woman shopping for dress

2. Cell phones or tablets - The new models are usually released in March so in February you'll be paying full price for an old model. If you don't mind not having the latest things, wait until after the new stuff comes out to save money.

Beautiful woman using tablet computer on her bed

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