We are a couple of months into being under stay-at-home orders, wearing face masks, social distancing, not going out unless we absolutely have to, keeping our kids at home and not sending them to school, and working from home. We don't see family or friends, we don't go to restaurants or bars, we don't go on vacation. Hopefully this will all change soon and this odd spring and summer of lockdown will fade into memory and we'll only remember this strange time the way we remember the good times - via pictures on our phones.

Social media exploded recently with #lastnormalphoto and people responded by sharing sweet and heartbreaking photos of the last time they felt normal. For some of us, that was eating a meal with family, others shared photos of concerts, and still others shared photos of vacations.

The thing is, we shared. We shared our hearts and souls. We shared our dreams for better days. We shared our determination to see this outbreak of coronavirus through so that we an all get back to just living life, not living life under the threat of illness.

We asked our listeners to send in their last normal photo and got so many beautiful photos of people living life. Thank you to everyone who sent in their photos and let us into their lives pre-COVID-19. Hopefully we won't ever take these times for granted again. We'll cherish every family meal, every school event, every concert, and every moment with our friends and loved ones even more than we did before.

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