Now that the City and County have issued a stay at home order, you really do need to stay at home. The only time you should be going out is to get essential things taken care of.

Jean-philippe WALLET
Jean-philippe WALLET

So now what? How the heck are you supposed to pass the hours and days that we are all going to have to get through? Here are some things that you and your family can do from home that will get you through the next few weeks:

1. Clean up - Now is the moment to take a room a day in your house, pull everything out of the closets and drawers and make really tough edits to your stuff. Bag it up and have a big garage sale after the stay-at-home order is lifted or donate it to a charity.

2. Do some social cleaning - You're on your phone anyway so take the time to go through your social media and get rid of cringeworthy posts, change privacy settings on pics, or clear out people you don't know why you're following anyway.

3. Cook - You're probably doing a lot of that already, but try out a recipe that takes a little longer to whip up now that you have the time. I learned how to make bagels after 9/11 because I was hanging around the house listening to the news.

4. Check your bills - We are all going to need to tighten those belts so do a deep dive on your bills to make sure that there aren't any bundling or other charges that you either didn't authorize or forgot were there. Need to trim your cable bill? Now is the time to explore streaming services. Make sure you go through the automatic withdrawals on your bank account as well to make sure they're authorized by you or still something you want.

5. Details - Been wanting to paint the inside of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to make them brighter? Do it now. Want to feng shui your bedroom. Get on it. You have tons of time, use it wisely so that when this madness ends, and it will, you'll be refreshed and ready to go.

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