Some of us can either say 2021 was a great year while others are so done with it and anxious for what's in store in 2022. I know ALL of us were definitely ready and so over 2020 due to the pandemic putting a damper on our social lives. We all certainly had hope that 2021 would be better for us which it was to a certain extent of course.

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Luckily my son Isaiah was born in 2010 so he got to experience all the joys that life has to offer without a pandemic. But for any baby born in 2020 wasn't so lucky since their first everything had to pretty much be postponed until 2021. At least that is how it was for my baby girl Izzy since she was born right before the pandemic had us on lockdown.

This was the year she experienced her first Peter Piper Pizza get-together, played at the splash park, visited White Sand National Park, and more. So I wanted to share a recap of my 2021 through pictures from the start of 2021 up until now with you.

There are some unflattering moments she will give me hell for sharing when she's older but some are giggle-worthy. Trust me when you scroll through some of the pictures you will find some of them funny especially when you get to October.

But a lot of us are hoping for an even better year once 2022 rolls around. Feel free to look through some photos of how my 2021 year looked by scrolling below. Let's give cheers to hoping for more fun times while staying safe in the borderland while still dealing with pandemic issues.

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