Vantage College closed their doors last week leaving students wondering what would happen to their schooling and their money.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, students who were going to Vantage when it closed or had withdrawn 120 days before it closed and didn't complete the program, could be eligible for a "closed school discharge." With that, students could be eligible for "a 100 percent discharge of the federal Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan Program loans, or Federal Perkins Loans the student took out to attend Vantage and a reimbursement of money they may have already paid to the government."

If you want to continue with your coursework, you can "transfer into a comparable program," and have your course work evaluated for credit.

There are six schools in El Paso you can talk to about transferring:
International Business College: (915) 842-0422
Western Technical College: (915) 566-9621
Pima Medical Institute: (915) 633-1133
Brightwood College: (915) 595-1935
Vista College: (888) 684-6997
Southwest University: (915) 778-4001

There are also schools in Austin:
Cybertex: (512) 400-2717
Southern Careers Institute: (844) 845-4869
Austin Medical Assistant School: (512) 518-4444
The College of Healthcare Professionals: (800) 487-6728
Everest Institute: (888) 223-8556
Virginia College: (512) 371-3500

If you are in San Antonio, check out these schools:
Brightwood College: (210) 308-8584
The College of Healthcare Professions: (210) 366-5500
Everest Institute: (210) 732-7800
Southern Career Institute: (210) 783-6569
Southwest School of Business and Technical Careers: (210) 921-0951

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